My SES Chicago 2012 Presentation

SES Chicago 2012 conferenceI recently had the privilege of speaking at Search Engine Strategies Chicago last month on the panel “Integrated Search, Social and Display for Ecommerce Sites” discussing how companies can better measure performance across digital marketing channels and to more effectively collaborate across channels to maximize SEO opportunities and improve performance of all digital channels.

As companys’ digital marketing programs become more complex and categories more competitive, ensuring proper cross channel attribution in web analytics and ensuring regular data and insight sharing across channels will become increasingly important.

See full presentation Integrated Search, Social and Display for Ecommerce

Featured in SEO Ranking Factors Article

I was recently featured in an article from the folks over at Orbit Media Solutions

Check it out here: Social Media, Branding and AuthorRank: Are they SEO ranking factors

Video: WordPress & Web Analytics Presentation at Depaul University

Here is the link to the full video of my presentation on WordPress and Web Analytics at Depaul University in Chicago, IL

See my presentation at Wordcamp Chicago 2011 here

Wordcamp Chicago 2011 Presentation

I recently had the honor of speaking at the 2011 Wordcamp Chicago Conference (Chicago’s annual conference dedicated to the open source blogging/cms platform WordPress where I spoke on using web analytics with WordPress.

The WordPress community is such a great group of people and the 3rd annual conference was yet another success. Thanks to Mary Duquaine, Heather Acton, Becky Davis, Mert Sahinoglu along with all the other speakers and volunteers for putting on a great event.

For anyone interested here are the slides from my presentation

Are you providing value or further polluting the web?

You may have sensed it for years now or just recently realized it but natural search engine results are slowly becoming cesspools of low quality information and noise.

Google in particular has been getting a lot of negative press lately about the quality of their search results and more people are becoming increasingly frustrated. As a result Google is revisiting the two biggest problems plaguing their search algorithm currently:

  1. linking schemes
  2. content farms

To those who are publishers/webmasters of sites or those who work in SEO, can you honestly say you feel the work you do is adding value and making the web a better place or are you one of the people responsible for polluting it?

The primary goal of search engines (commercial motivations aside) is to provide visitors with the best, most valuable information corresponding to their search queries.

Are you working to provide great content and user experiences targeted to relevant search queries or are you only manipulating search engine algorithms into thinking your content is something it is not?

Are you part of the solution or part of the problem?