HTTPS and SEO. Should you make the Switch?

With Google’s recent announcement regarding HTTPS becoming a ranking signal we are getting lots of questions from clients on whether they should consider making the move towards deploying SSL across their entire web property. http

While there is no question that broader adoption of HTTPS is a win for consumers and the continued push towards stronger privacy protection it’s connection to SEO is less straight forward.

Use of HTTPS is likely to be a minor natural search ranking factor for quite a while given the wealth of valuable content that will continue to live on unsecured domains due to the complexity and cost of deploying SSL certificates for publishers. Google has even acknowledged this in stating that this change will only effect 1% of global queries.

Whenever Google announces anything that may increase rankings the tendency is to jump to execute as soon as possible. It is important to weigh the benefit vs. the actual cost and level of effort of rolling it out within your IT group.

If you are thinking of moving to HTTPS primarily for SEO reasons, We would ask that you revisit the top 5 actions you could take on your site today to improve SEO performance and consider going after these much larger opportunities before revisiting the HTTPS question. A major move forward on your content strategy or in fixing notable technical SEO issues on your site will have much greater payoffs than the latest fad of the moment.

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HTTPS and SEO. Should you make the Switch?