Mobile App Indexing and SEO

As native app usage continues to surge on smartphones more information seeking and product purchase is taking place within mobile apps than ever before.

Mobile App Indexing in Google

Image Credit: Google

As you can imagine Google is very aware of this trend and is looking to do for mobile apps what they did for traditional websites in making deeper in-app content searchable directly from within their mobile search results.

What does this mean for SEO? 

Mobile App indexing is an emerging opportunity to better engage with existing users of your mobile app by allowing them to open deeper app content when conducting related searches directly from Google mobile search. A couple examples of where this would be particularly valuable is when users have their payment method saved within your app or if you offer a mobile app but do not have a strong mobile website or don’t have one at all.

How to Get Your App Indexed by Google 

Getting your mobile app indexed is done through a process called “deep linking” which includes:

    1. Selecting where in your app you’d like users to access via mobile search and specify intent filters in your app manifest.
    2. Including links to your app within your XML sitemap or by placing app links in the rel=”alternate” attribute of corresponding pages on your main website in the <head> section.

Google currently only supports the indexing of mobile apps for Android devices, but I’d expect them to be exploring rolling out support for iOS devices in the very near future.

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Mobile App Indexing and SEO