Are you providing value or further polluting the web?

You may have sensed it for years now or just recently realized it but natural search engine results are slowly becoming cesspools of low quality information and noise.

Google in particular has been getting a lot of negative press lately about the quality of their search results and more people are becoming increasingly frustrated. As a result Google is revisiting the two biggest problems plaguing their search algorithm currently:

  1. linking schemes
  2. content farms

To those who are publishers/webmasters of sites or those who work in SEO, can you honestly say you feel the work you do is adding value and making the web a better place or are you one of the people responsible for polluting it?

The primary goal of search engines (commercial motivations aside) is to provide visitors with the best, most valuable information corresponding to their search queries.

Are you working to provide great content and user experiences targeted to relevant search queries or are you only manipulating search engine algorithms into thinking your content is something it is not?

Are you part of the solution or part of the problem?

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Are you providing value or further polluting the web?