Free Shipping Day – Another Made Up but Valuable E-commerce Holiday

As online shopping over the holidays becomes more and more common a crucial day from a marketing standpoint is the last day your store can ship a customer’s order and still get it them by Christmas Eve to give to that someone special in their life (or someone they downright loathe, depending on their situation).

Enter “Free Shipping Day.” Anyone running a successful E-commerce business selling gifts should know the last day customers can order from their store and use it as a marketing tactic. According to Google searches for queries including “free shipping” increased 35% from the same time last year and I believe it is only poised for continued growth in the coming years.

Whether the economics of your business allow for you to offer free shipping or not, informing customers of the last day they can order from you will only continue to grow in importance as a crucial holiday marketing tactic. Include that day as part of your holiday search, email, display, and social media strategy and you will be able to better capture additional revenue from last minute online shoppers.