We Have Mobile! Now What?

In Forrester’s latest Mobile Trends for Marketers report, analysts Thomas Husson and Julie Ask see 2013 as the year forward thinking digital marketers shift from saying “We have mobile” to saying “Mobile helps differentiate ourselves from the competition.”

Our clients have seen notable mobile device adoption growth for their target audience across the board. Given this continued trend we work with them closely to deploy innovative approaches to serve their mobile users as they interact with search engines and continue to grow their mobile search traffic and revenue. mobile-search

As your organization evolves to a more innovative approach to mobile SEO, here are a few key questions to ask throughout your company and the vendors and consultants you work with.

  • Do you have a clear understanding of the differences in search behavior on your site from visitors accessing your site on mobile devices and are actively building mobile landing pages to search best serve these consumers?
  • If your organization has not built a mobile experience for your site have you analyzed how many visitors are coming to your regular site on mobile devices and leaving immediately out of frustration?
  • Are you analyzing the differences between smartphone and tablet based search queries getting to your site and building separate experiences to best serve consumers different needs?
  • Is your web presence devalued in search engines due to duplicate content issues from serving experiences at different URLs while not implementing the critical SEO coding requirements?
  • Have you done any analysis to understand the differences in your natural search rankings for the keywords most critical to your business for desktop/laptop searches vs. those same terms on mobile and tablet devices?

For more information on general mobile trends be sure to check out Forrester’s excellent 2013 Mobile Trends for Marketers

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We Have Mobile! Now What?